About PurpleCV

Not getting interview calls? Recruiters putting your CV in the rejected pile?

We can help.

PurpleCV came into being when our friends, family and community members at HerCareer.pk started approaching for career advice and job hunt tips. Majority of the people said they were not getting interview calls.

And when we reviewed their CVs, it became clear why they were not getting interview calls. The main reason: A vague CV.

A CV that was filled with jargon, useless objective statements, request for references info, hobbies, blah blah – Yes you get it.

So we stepped in. Transformed their CVs. And guess what?

They started getting interview calls.

The magic was in the formatting and in showcasing relevant skills that employers needed. It’s that simple.

…so since we helped hundreds of our friends, family and community members, we decided to expand this into a service.

Sweet spot. We found our why.

Our Why: We exist to help people fast track the job hunting process.

Want to make your CV attractive to employers? Want to rise above other candidates?

Your employers will compare your CV with other candidates. We can help you rise above other candidates and make sure that this comparison is in your favor.

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